Franchise Development

 What is Franchising?

Franchising is an excellent way for mature food and beverage business owners to grow their brand and expand market share without large upfront capital outlays. It allows a successful brand to capitalise on its popularity and quickly capture the market,

both locally and overseas. Likewise, franchisees choose to buy a franchise because of its proven track record of success and its growth potential in the years to come.


For F&B business owners who wish to enter into franchising, F&B at Work assists business owners with the centrepiece of this strategy: the Franchising Kit. The Franchising Kit is designed to increase your franchising prospectus and brand value. It is also intended for potential franchisees and accurately presents the brand's strengths, unique selling points, positioning, growth strategy, returns on investment, and capital investment involved.


Our Scope of Work  

Protecting your brand as it

goes international, we work

out a trademark strategy and

IP Management plan with you before it goes commercial.




A beautifully designed brochure for the purpose of providing potential franchisees with key information of the overall business’s value proposition and how they participate in its growth.

Franchising Brochure

We consolidate the franchise's current brand position in the home country and roll out a strong brand identity, giving it momentum to expand regionally and globally.

Brand Strategy

Revenue Forecast

We carry out financial modelling for, minimally, the next 3 years. This takes into consideration prevailing growth environment, strategic objectives, and currently available resources.

A comprehensive expansion strategy that consists of building a solid brand identity, quality control while achieving sustainable compound growth rates.

Expansion Strategy