Frequenty Asked Question

While initial franchise and set up fee is $20,000, each location is different and the initial investment varies depending on bakery/café size, build out costs, location, etc.. Based on 1,00 to 2,00 square feet of space, initial estimated investment is approximately from $90000 to $150,000 which excludes real estate related.

The initial franchisee fee is $30,000, which is good for 10 years.

Yes, there are 5-day training course held in Los Angeles area where our HQ is.

We cannot estimate the margin or profit for the potential franchisees at any circumstances as it may mislead them; the law prohibits furnishing any oral or written information concerning actual or potential sales. The potential franchisee may contact one of the current franchisees to learn why they have chosen QSR Group a member ANZ Global Plus JSC Group.

Yes, you need to negotiate the lease upon the site approval from QSR Group a member ANZ Global Plus JSC Group.

We will provide the basic lay-out and interior design according to the site confirmation, and you need to hire the local architect for the detail drawings to obtain the construction related permits. Also, you are responsible for hiring a contractor to build your location. We will support the architectural plan and construction stages throughout.

There are 60+ different kinds of frozen dough, 60+ different kinds of cakes, and related packages for your day-to-day operation that you can order through our web-based ordering system.

For more information, please contact us to: Mr. Mark,, phone number: +84938666076 ; +959422930353

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